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Here are links to many sites that I visit:

Frequent Stops: - One of my all time favorite sites to visit. Great story, great imaging, great...uhhh...well..just GO and see for yourself!( You'll be glad you did )  :) - Go here to view my gallery and other sites I run. :) Come know you wanna...

Strange Candy - Like Web Marines, Strange Candy (Okashina Okashi in Japanese) is a KeenSpace site. Be advised: funny stuff is here, do not go if you don't want to laugh! You have been warned! ;)

Self Insert - The manga strip where anime and reality meet... - This site makes with the funny as Gabe and Tycho poke fun at the inherently illogical gaming industry. I highly recommend it.

The Polymer City Chronical - Follow Dr. Otto Bonn and his alien wife Andrea on their adventures from the bedroom to the far reaches of space. As their motto reads: If games and comics were breasts, we'd be a push-up bra.

Sluggy Freelance - Beware that your sides don't split as you laugh at the hilarious sci-fi antics of Torg, his bunny Bun-Bun, Torg's friend Riff. I recommend starting with the first comic and reading ALL of their strips. And remember: Worship the Comic!!!

Mac Hall - Welcome to Ian's madness...

Infrequent Stops: - One of the Largest Jedi Knight news and editing sites on the 'net. If you edit JK then this site is a MUST for you.

Japanese <-> English Dictionary - Search their database for the meaning and translation of any English/Japanese word. Can provide kanji/kana characters and information. This site is a must for a few Megatokyo strips. ( adds to the depth)

8-bit Theater - If you've ever played any 8-bit RPG games, then this comic is the one for you. If you haven't played any of those games, then this comic is still the one for you...just go there!

Diary of a Crazed Mimbanite - One of the greatest Star Wars parody comics on the 'net. A definite must for any Star Wars enthusiasts out there...

Julie's Art Tips and Tutorials - A great resource for any aspiring anime/manga artists and/or enthusiasts out there. (like me) ;)