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06.23.03 5:40pm CST: I apologize for my lack of updates for the past several weeks. School, work, and other things steal away my time...more in recent days. I'm putting Web Marines on a temporary hiatus until things work out...or I figure out what to do next.

06.06.03 3:15am CST: Well, I have no comic this week (stupid programming assignment), so I have an "interlude" for you. This is what happens when I get bored in class. :) *yawn* Anyway, I need to get ready for work. 'til later...

05.29.03 9:45pm CST: Well, this week starts the summer semester at the college I attend...I really need one of the courses offered so that means I can't slack off all summer (darn!). Anyway, I'm rather under motivated this week because of the school stuff...sorry, try back next week.

05.22.03 9:15pm CST: Wee...I actually got it done! Sorry for the wait, but I'm working with one other guy on a Java-based server application for a my hands are kinda full. Anyway, hope to see you next week.

05.15.03 9:45pm CST: No comic...I was busy working on a program ALL DAY! *sigh*

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